Expand Your Network With Digital David G. 

Digital David G is a data-driven digital marketing agency. That means that generate results from our clients and let the data lead our marketing strategy. 

We are looking for a variety of agency partners that we can collaborate, promote and grow with. If we have your interest, keep reading!

Are you a business looking to expand its network and possibly earn a referral bonus for partnerships?

Digital David G is ready to add partners such as podcasters, complimentary agencies, events, marketing-related businesses, and many more. You can read a bit more about what each partnership can look like below. 

Complimentary Agencies

Complimentary agencies are agencies that provide services that Digital David does not specialize in. Agencies we are currently looking to partner with include graphic and website design, email, automation, or niche-based agencies. Interested in referring us, clients? We offer a referral bonus for any new, signed business. 


We are currently looking to partner with freelancers that are experts in graphic and website design, email, automation, paid ads, SEO, or are specialized in a certain niche.  Interested in referring us, clients? We offer a referral bonus for any new, signed business. 

Media Businesses

Whether you host a podcast, YouTube Channel, Facebook groups, online events, or anything of the sorts, Digital David G would like to partner with you. In exchange for hosting CEO, David Garcia, the agency will provide services to help grow your business for free or at an extremely discounted rate. Interested in referring us, clients? We offer a referral bonus for any new, signed business. 

Here’s Who we Currently Work With

  • Thumbprint Collective is the brainchild of ‘Thee Melanin Mompreneur”: Ms. Jennifer Pink. In her work with several entrepreneurs to start and grow their businesses, she realized that the biggest obstacle facing each of them was building the RIGHT team. Finding the key people—those who were not only were a great fit for them but could work together—was a task unto itself!

  • Bean is a full-service design and development agency with 10 years of experience. With their deep technical expertise, they provide both a long-term vision and practical know-how to various industries. Their clients range from large companies looking to reinvigorate their online presence to startups ready to take the next step in growing their businesses.

Why Our Partners Love Working With Us

Digital Marketing is Our Jam

With our Digital Marketing services, you can either Whitelabel us or bring us in to work with your clients firsthand. Our team uses an integrated and flexible approach to deliver impactful results. Our goal is to ensure that your client’s brand stands out above the competition and exceeds their expectations. 

Partnerships are a Two-Way Street

Our core beliefs with our partners are trust, transparency, communication, and integrity. While we are laser-focused on increasing your ROI, improving client retention, and elevating your campaign performance, we are always looking to bring business opportunities for our agency partners who offer services we don’t.

We Let the Data do the Talking

No more guessing with what results to expect on your budget. Digital David G is transparent and forward about where your or your client’s money is being spent. Plus you’ll receive regular reports on data showing how we are moving the needle for you and your client. Want to see more? Check out our case study below!

How to Get Started

  1.  Hit the “Apply Now” button below and fill out our application. 
  2.  Download our Agency Handbook here so you can get a feel for what to expect when working with us. 
  3.   If we think you will be a good fit for our program then our Partnership Coordinator will reach out with the next steps.
  4.  Reap the benefits of our partnership program. Earn a monthly referral bonus or get qualified business referrals delivered to your inbox.